Recommended study material list

- Kaplan 2009 (I used 2009, later versions are the same with new cover art) 

- Ballast practice exams
- ArchiFlash (3.1 is still okay)
- Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice [aka "AHPP"]... student version is okay to use for exams, but if you plan to keep it for office use, buy the full version

(Note: eBay is also a good way to find cheaper books... and to sell them off when you're done.)

- AIA contracts - (note: can be accessed for free by logging into your "My NCARB" account and clicking on the "Construction Documents & Services Resources From AIA" link)

- post your vignettes for review on

Vignette tips:

- slab on grade... bottom of slab at grade level not top of slab at grade level
- bring foundation wall up to t.o. slab
- put bearing walls on foundations, not on slab
- t.o. footing at frost depth
- interior bearing wall set on foundation wall, but footing is directly below slab
- interior non-rated partitions extend 6" above finished ceiling
- interior rated partitions go from t.o. slab to b.o. floor deck and t.o. floor deck to b.o. roof deck
- break finished ceiling at each partition/bearing wall
- joists/deck extend 4" into bearing walls
- plenum depth = 8" (for lighting) + largest joist/duct combo found in that ceiling

Rich's Construction Documents Study Notes (from archives):

Note: this set of study notes references the OLD numbers for the AIA contracts.

Caroline Joseph's Construction Documents Study Notes:

Check out the ERRORS page for additional info on the vignettes: